Hip Hop Picture Books!

Welcome to the world of inspiring visual artist and author C.G. Esperanza! Traditionally a visual artist this South Bronx, NY native has recently melded two of his passions, hip-hop and visual art into a medium he claims will break new boundaries for them both; Children's Picture Books! 

In an article he wrote he discusses his vision stating, 'These are the lines that kick off my debut solo piece titled “Red, Yellow, Blue and a dash of White too!” The images serve as my beats. They develop the atmosphere in which my rhythmic stanzas dictate a story, the same way any instrumental would.'

His pictures and artwork are undeniable captivating, and his stories are just as fun and vibrant. His first book “Red, Yellow, Blue and a dash of White too!” will hit the shelves nationwide March 3rd 2015. Be sure to check it out!