'RESPOND' An Art Exhibit

New York City gallery Smack Mellon recently opened a charged and powerful exhibit entitled 'RESPOND'. Shortly after the verdict for the Eric Garner case was announced they incited an open a call for artists near and far who wanted to 'respond' literally to the greater political climate, recent killings, verdicts and protests.  

A curator and and organizer for the gallery explains their collective philosophy behind the show;  “We who work at Smack Mellon have something that very few people have, which is a platform for artists. Once you have the platform it’s easier to conceive of making your ideas concrete,” Gilrain said. “We want it to be a real, broad example of artists and people making things. It’s going to include high school students’ work, and we hope to get some really well known artists to contribute works.” The specific inclusion of this extremely diverse group of artists is very important; giving voice to a true variety and depth of feelings and perspectives. They also have taken the initiative to host different interactive and live art events throughout while the show is up. You can check the schedule here . 

If you are in NYC anytime soon definitely go check this out, this will be something worth witnessing.